Add-in Repository

This is a list of add-ins available in this repository.

ASCII Art1.0.1Converts images to ASCII art and back.
Alpha Adjustment Effects1.0.0A collection of simple effects to manipulate the alpha channel.
Block Brush0.1.1A brush similar to the block brush in GIMP.
Brush Collection1.0.0A collection of additional brushes for pinta. It contains brushes to blur, sharpen, inteligently erase and tone the image.
Dither Effect1.0.0A simple dither effect which alternating increases and decreases brightness of each pixel.
Generate Grid1.0A simple add-in that will allow you to easily generate a grid or checkerboard pattern Based on BoltBait's Grid Maker v3.0 plugin for
Night Vision Effect1.2.1A simple add-in that will recolour your image so that it looks like a night vision picture.
Paint.Net Importer1.0.0Add-in to import (*.pdn) files
Demo Add-in1.6A simple add-in that demonstrates how add-ins work.
Uploader0.2.0Allows you to upload your images to web sites. Currently supported: