04 October 2014

Pinta Community Addins

We have replaced our old and slightly unreliable addin server with a new, simple method base on github pages. Check it out https://github.com/PintaProject/Pinta-Community-Addins! In future Pinta releases this repository will be included in the addin manager, if you want to see it in action right now you can add it through your addin manager using this URL: http://pintaproject.github.io/Pinta-Community-Addins/repository .

24 May 2014

Pinta 1.5 Released!

We’ve released a new version of Pinta with many new cool features. Go to the Downloads page to grab it and to look at release notes!

13 August 2013

Progress towards Pinta 1.5

We are actually almost finished with Pinta 1.5, and this new website is part of that process. All we need now is some domain name configuration and some polishing of bugs (plus maybe a new GTK# release on Windows) and we are golden.

13 August 2013

New Website

This is the new website, it’s going to be totally awesome! This is placeholder news while we work on the content, but it’s pretty neat all the same.